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You can not taste all the snacks here at one time

2021-05-10 17:56:40

You’re in a mood for fine food. What do you want to eat? Don't worry. Just add all these snack stores famous on the social media to the favorites. I’m sure you’ll find it impossible to choose and don’t want to miss any of them.


  South Gate Rice Cake

  Address: No. 405 South Gate Street, Heping District

  South Gate Rice Cake has many franchises in Tianjin and offers a complete range of rice cakes, especially the unusual ones, such as fruit-and-nut cake, black bean-flavored, read bean-flavored and cranberry-flavored cakes. Compared with the traditional rice cakes, the refined ones are more popular among the younger generation. The handmade osmanthus rice cake is highly recommended. The flavor of rice and osmanthus reinforce each other and deliver a well-balanced sweetness. If you prefer sweet ones, the red bean-flavored osmanthus rice cake is the right choice for you as the red bean paste makes it sweeter.

  Grandma’s Food

  Address: No. 277-2 Anshan Street West

  Grandma’s Food is a small store, but it is quite popular on the social network platforms. The handmade firm tofu is highly recommended as the deep-fried tofu nuggets are tender with a crispy crust. The special sauce and the sesame which makes the finishing point deliver a wonderful balance of salty and delicious taste. The one-bite sausage is tender and delicious. You will finish them in no time. You should also try some snacks, such as corn roll, cuttlefish ball and deep-fried glutinous rice cake. Don't worry that you end up buying too much, because there are set meals to choose, so you are possible to buy several snacks with a decent price. How thoughtful!

  Yongjuxing -- Traditional Tianjin Food

  Address: Building 1, Yanshengli at the cross of Nankai Erma Road and Nankai Siwei Road

  Do you still remember your taste of childhood? Those kids who spent their pocket money to buy big pie with sauce and small bowl porridge have grown up, but they still prefer those snacks sold at the price of 0.5 yuan one piece. It is a nostalgia, but also a fondness. The store offers a great number of snacks, including acid cake, hot-salt-flavored broadbean, sauteed dried apricot with sugar, snowflake apricot stripe, sweet stripe and Beijing style cakes. Apart from traditional snacks, the store also offers new ones, including milk dates which are famous on the social network platforms. They are dates with a thick milk coating and taste sweeter.

  Classmate Tu (Nankai Joy City store)

  Address: B1, north section of Tianjin Joy City, South Gate Street

  Classmate Tu features acid and sweet snacks. The store brings new inspirations on traditional candied fruits, offering new stuffings including black grape, chestnut, matcha and cranberry, and so on. The unorthodox combinations deliver surprising flavors. Five fruit skewers are sold at 18 yuan, which is not so cheap, but you can choose the flavors you like. Apart from that, the store also offers sitr-fried yogurt which you can enjoy while shopping.








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