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Hot preparations in progress! China Mobile is about to make its debut at the 7th World Intelligence Congress

2023-07-01 09:19:46
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The 7th World Intelligence Congress will be held from May 18th to 21st at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). China Mobile will appear at the conference technology exhibition with the theme of "Huiju Computing Network Energy, Yunqing Digital Intelligence Huazhang", and host the "Computing Power Network Empowering Digital Economy and Establishing the Computing Power Network Development Alliance" during the conference.

It is reported that China Mobile has anchored its development positioning as a "world-class information service technology innovation company", systematically building a new information infrastructure with a focus on "5G, computing power network, and capability center", and innovatively constructing a new information service system of "connection+computing power+capability". During the 14th Five Year Plan period, it is planned to invest approximately 12 billion yuan in Tianjin, with over 27000 5G base stations, to help Tianjin accelerate the construction of a national first-class 5G city. In addition, China Mobile will also accelerate the construction of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei (Wuqing) computing network hub node, build a strong "Beijing Tianjin Hebei 0.5 millisecond computing service circle", tap the potential of data, empower the real economy and social governance with big data intelligent innovation, deepen application integration innovation in digital government, smart cities, digital villages, smart communities and other fields, and build platform based, ecotype integration and innovation capabilities.

At this conference, China Mobile will focus on showcasing new generation information technology innovation and application achievements such as smart party building, smart Tianjin, computing network energy, mobile cloud, and the Internet of Vehicles. At the "Computing Power Network Empowering Digital Economy and Computing Power Network Development Alliance Establishment Conference," China Mobile will focus on hot topics such as "Information Technology Promoting the Development of Digital China and Smart Society" and "Mobile Cloud 'Computing Network Integration' Serving Digital Economy Growth", Invite CAE Member, experts and scholars in various fields, and people in the industry to come together to share their wisdom and explore more possibilities of integrating computing capabilities into industries and serving the public. China Mobile looks forward to meeting you at the 7th World Intelligent Conference and joining hands to celebrate the smart technology feast!








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