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The 7th World Intelligence Congress Intelligent Technology Exhibition is about to begin, and these highlights cannot be missed!

2023-07-01 09:17:27
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From May 18th to 21st, the 7th WIC Intelligent Technology Exhibition will be held in Tianjin. At present, various preparations are basically in place, and a high standard, high-level, and high-quality intelligent technology exhibition is welcoming the arrival of global partners.

As an important component of the WIC, this year marks the seventh consecutive year of holding an intelligent technology exhibition, and it is also the first time it has landed at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). The exhibition as a whole shows the characteristics of further improvement in professionalism, internationalization, enriched display content, and diversified supporting activities. During the 4-day exhibition period, a series of thoughtful and meticulous arrangements, as well as a series of innovative measures with numerous highlights, highlighted the level and sincerity of the host city Tianjin.

Highlight 1: Adhering to the concept of "professional exhibition and professional organization", the quantity and quality of this exhibition have increased simultaneously.

492 enterprises from around the world participated in the exhibition, including 35 of the world's top 500 enterprises such as CEC, CRRC, Samsung, 46 of the domestic top 500 enterprises such as Huawei, Inspur, Hualu, 55 foreign-funded enterprises and institutions such as Siemens, Qualcomm, Biddy, 50 central state-owned enterprises such as General technology Group, China Electric Equipment, and China Automotive Center, and 270 intelligent technology representative enterprises such as iFLYTEK, 360, and Zoro Technology, 51 research institutions and universities, including the National Supercomputing Tianjin Center, Peking University, Nankai University, and Tianjin University. A batch of the world's cutting-edge technologies and products have appeared at this exhibition, presenting global intelligent technology applications and industrial development achievements in all aspects and at multiple levels.

Highlight 2: The top ten exhibition areas are poised to launch, providing an intelligent experience of "intimate contact".

This year's intelligent technology exhibition has a scale of 120000 square meters, making it the first exhibition in the field of intelligent technology in China. It includes 8 pavilions and outdoor exhibition areas, with theme exhibition areas such as information technology application innovation, artificial intelligence, 5G+Industrial Internet, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, smart life, digital finance, digital health, international and provincial cities. A special Tianjin exhibition area will be set up in S16 Hall to showcase the high-quality development action plan of the manufacturing industry and the "1+3+4" industrial development achievements. Besudes, we set up an outdoor intelligent experience area and a 5G intelligent experience zone for intelligent connected vehicles, comprehensively showcasing high, precision, and cutting-edge products and technologies in the field of intelligent technology.

It is worth mentioning that during the organization of this exhibition, we will fully focus on and search for representative enterprises in the future intelligent technology field with "specialization, precision, and novelty" in segmented industries. We will set up special zones for "International Intelligent Brands" and "AI and Service Robots", fully showcasing the new measures and trends of intelligent technology enterprises in technological innovation, industry empowerment, and ecological construction.

In addition, the audience can interact closely with "5G special shooting robot, AI calligraphy robot, iFLYTEK Spark cognition model, Hualu terminal+bionic humanoid robot" anytime and anywhere during the exhibition. Interactive Scenes with fun, information, and thoughts such as future bank check-in photography, VR rowing, robotic arm disassembly and assembly of Luban locks, exoskeleton robots, and magic box digital twins are waiting for you to clock in.

Magic Box Interactive is open to the public in S9 Hall. The digital twin is presented to the audience through holographic projection technology through a virtual character. Audiences can interact with digital twins, such as dancing, playing games, taking photos, etc. In this process, the audience can take photos of themselves together with the digital twins to form interesting photos and videos, which can be shared and spread through social media such as WeChat and Tiktok.

Highlight 3: Recruiting and forming a professional audience buyer group for the first time nationwide, truly achieving the goal of turning "exhibits" into "products".

During the 7th WIC Intelligent Technology Exhibition, hundreds of new products, technologies, and services will be launched and exhibited. In order to enable the trading and circulation of more and more new products and technologies participating in the exhibition, build a global intelligent industry trading and publishing platform, grasp the latest cutting-edge trends and product information of intelligent technology, help enterprises find satisfactory upstream and downstream suppliers and partners, and promote deep level trade development and exchange cooperation, at present, more than 110 professional audience groups from across the country, including government agencies, industry associations, chambers of commerce, societies, alliances, industry media, innovation incubation carriers, investment institutions, and university research institutions, have come to observe, participate in, and hold bilateral talks. This year, our member companies will come to Tianjin as a buyer group to attend the exhibition. Next year, we will deeply participate in the WIC Intelligent Technology Exhibition, with two-way interaction and empowerment. By leveraging the platform of the WIC Intelligent Technology Exhibition, we will promote comprehensive cooperation between member companies and exhibitors. "said the head of the group of the Beijing Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association.

Highlight 4: Nearly a hundred simultaneous supporting activities have appeared one after another

During the same period of this exhibition, nearly a hundred wonderful and colorful activities have been staged one after another, which has made the audience feast their eyes: the 37th Tianjin Science and Technology Week will be held in Hall S7, the 2023 Asia Pacific RoboCup Tianjin International invitational tournament will be held in Hall S2, and the Tianjin Conservatory of Music Xingkong AI Music Robot Experimental Orchestra will bring "audio-visual feast" to the audience in the central release area of the hall login hall.

As it comes in time, we gather in May. Let's look forward to and welcome this grand intelligent technology feast together!

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