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“Bilateral” Smart Cooperation, “Talks” to Create a Future Together

2023-06-22 11:28:48
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The 7th World Intelligence Congress is scheduled to be held from May 18th to 21st at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin), with the theme of "Intelligence: Extensive Development Space, Sustainable Growth Driver".

As the guest of honor of this conference, the UK will organize leading enterprises and authoritative institutions in the fields of software and hardware, Digital transformation companies, international certification, education and technology to participate in the conference, and work together to discuss the intelligent future. It is reported that the UK team includes companies such as Lexus Group, Jianwei Software, Graphcore, Silverstream, the British Institute of Engineering Technology, Best Group, Sam Labs, and others. At the same time, several local government trade and investment promotion agencies from the UK will also attend the meeting to share opportunities for regional development and cooperation in the UK. These enterprises, with their unique technological strength, market influence, and business practice experience, will inject strong impetus and vitality into the successful hosting of the conference and the development of the intelligent industry. During the conference, the British delegation will engage in docking and communication with government departments, industry institutions, and enterprises to explore the research and application of intelligent technology, and jointly promote the development of the intelligent industry.

This bilateral meeting between China and the UK not only provides a service platform for technology promotion and experience exchange, as well as bilateral investment and trade cooperation for enterprises from both countries, but also contributes to accelerating the pace of the conference, further promoting and sharing the technological advantages and innovative achievements of various countries in the field of intelligent technology, promoting the development of the global digital economy, and accelerating the construction of a new pattern of global intelligent industry. It has also formed a prototype for international docking and cooperation in bilateral talks.








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