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Exhibiting enterprises are actively registering and showcasing the latest technological achievements

2023-06-20 11:21:10
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In recent days, the preparations for the 2023 7th World Intelligence Congress Intelligent Technology Exhibition have been progressing in an orderly manner, and the investment and exhibition work for the exhibition is about to enter a sprint stage. At present, domestic companies such as Alibaba, China Unicom, China General Motors, Inspur, Tongfang Holdings, TCL, Cloud Account, Humi Technology, Zhuolang Technology, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Bank of China have confirmed their intention to participate. International companies such as Stryker, Chaoya, and Bidi Medical have also confirmed their intention to participate. The conference committee will also launch multiple supporting service activities such as professional audience buyer group plans, bilateral talks, and talent matching and selection meetings for the first time during the exhibition.

This exhibition has landed at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) for the first time, with a scale of 120000 square meters, creating the first exhibition in the field of intelligent technology in China. It includes 8 pavilions and outdoor exhibition areas, with 10 theme exhibition areas including information technology application innovation, intelligent manufacturing, 5G+Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, smart life, digital finance, digital health, intelligent transportation, Tianjin Binhai Twin Cities, international and provincial cities, and two smart experience areas including smart driving and 5G.

According to the person in charge of the exhibition, this year's Intelligent Technology Exhibition has increased its level of specialization in exhibition area settings, display content, and other aspects. With the "Professional Exhibition Office", the exhibition volume and quality have both increased. It is worth mentioning that this exhibition will launch the "Professional Audience Buyer Group Plan" for the first time, inviting relevant government departments, large enterprises, university research institutions, investment institutions, industry associations, chambers of commerce, societies and other organizations to visit and enjoy exclusive service treatment nationwide.

The Intelligent Technology Exhibition is exciting and diverse due to you, and it will definitely become better and better due to you!

We sincerely invite all intelligent technology enterprises to register and participate in the exhibition!

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