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The first batch of exhibitors for the 7th WIC has been officially announced

2023-06-18 11:07:49
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On February 17, 2023, the first batch of exhibitors for the 7th WIC was officially announced. This time, 50 participating companies and institutions that were the first to sign contracts and had a larger exhibition area were announced. At present, companies are actively registering for exhibitions, and more high-quality exhibitors will continue to release.

The 7th WIC will be held offline as scheduled at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) in May 2023. The 7th WIC includes eight pavilions and outdoor exhibition areas, with a total scale of 120000 square meters. It has set up 12 theme exhibition areas, including information technology application and innovation, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence and robots, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, Industrial Internet, smart city, smart dual carbon, smart life, digital finance, digital health, international and provincial cities, and two intelligent experience areas, namely intelligent driving and 5G.

The 7th WIC will continue to optimize the division of enterprise display areas, allowing details to showcase wisdom and integrate innovative technology into daily life. It will increase the invitation of professional audiences, plan a series of intelligent technology professional activities, and continuously enhance the sense of participation and acquisition of exhibitors.

We warmly welcome leading domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of intelligent technology, unicorn enterprises, and new generation enterprises to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, we welcome professional visitors from both domestic and foreign intelligent technology fields to attend the exhibition, utilizing the World Intelligent Conference to achieve precise docking, promote commercial cooperation, and share development opportunities.

List of First Batch Exhibitors for the 7th WIC

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