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Give a Like to Great Technology Preheating the 7th World Intelligence Congress

2023-06-15 12:29:20
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Secretariat of the WIC Organizing Committee of the World Intelligence Congress actively participated in the organization of the "Starting with Ideals" activity guided by the Cyberspace Office of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and as a sub column host, jointly launched a two-week interactive activity titled "#Give a Like to Great Technology #" on Sina Weibo, inviting netizens to share their true fragrance technology, explore cutting-edge technologies together, and enjoy a smart life in the future.

World Intelligence Congress has extensively invited influential bloggers, institutions, and enterprises in the field of technology to collaborate and exchange ideas, organize topic interactions, and actively share scientific and technological achievements in multiple intelligent application fields such as aerospace, autonomous driving, brain computer interaction, music robots, digital finance, and smart cities, Technology experts have also interpreted cutting-edge technological achievements and the future direction of smart life development from a professional perspective, bringing a wealth of dry goods. Technology companies such as Deep Blue, Langyu, and AI Sky Band showcased the latest intelligent devices in different fields, allowing everyone to understand intelligent technology applications beyond daily life. The cumulative reading volume of the topic #Give a Like to Great Technology # has exceeded 22 million, which has attracted widespread attention.

In addition to the interaction of microblog topics, @ Microblog Positive Energy, @ Microblog Government Affairs and @ World Intelligence Congress also jointly launched the live link activity, inviting Chen Baoguo, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Software Association, Zhu Jingbai, Professor of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Head of Star AI Symphony Orchestra, Fan Shuo, President of Beijing District of Spectrum Technology, and the Science and Technology master @ Ang Da in Digivoice Lab, to conduct in-depth discussions on topics related to intelligent technology, so as to promote the future of smart life. It has received a warm response, with a live streaming room popularity of 55000.

This # Starting with Ideals # activity is a vivid practice of actively participating in the World Intelligence Congress to deepen learning, promote and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, accelerate the construction of a strong technology country, enhance the overall national scientific and technological innovation ability, and guide netizens from heart to heart to interaction, from touching to action. Through careful organization and series of promotions, starting from the "exhibition competition+intelligent experience" four in one hosting mode, #Give a Like to Great Technology #, we widely promote and share the intelligent achievements brought by the World Intelligence Congress in the field of intelligent technology to all sectors of society, enhancing netizens' in-depth understanding of the World Intelligence Congress. At the same time, we have preheated the opening of the 7th Intelligence Congress in advance, further promoting the creation of an "never ending" World Intelligence Congress with continuous and exciting speeches.








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