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Leading the trend! The 6th World Intelligence Congress Released Several Achievements

2022-07-25 11:04:02
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The 6th World Intelligence Congress has successfully closed in Tianjin, and the main session of Online “Exhibition and Competition + Intelligent Experiences” came to an end. The Congress frontier releases are fruitful and leading the trend! Online parallel forums, online press conferences and online closing ceremony released a total of 49 reports, policies, products, technologies and other achievements globally, many of which were released for the first time. Meanwhile, 10 outstanding cases of WIC intelligent technology innovation and application were also released in the closing ceremony of the Congress. 

Three important reports have been released at the World Intelligence Congress for several successive sessions: “Research Report on the Development of Digital Economy in China (2022)” “China’s New Generation Artificial Intelligence Technology Industry Development Report” and “China’s New Generation AI Technology Industry Regional Competitiveness Evaluation Index”, revealing the development trend of China’s digital economy and AI technology industry.

Among them, “Research Report on the Development of  Digital Economy in China (2022)” believes that the mission-oriented development of digital economy represents a new development in the theory and practice of socialist economy with Chinese characteristics, and puts forward the concept of “Deep Science and Technology Innovation” for the first time; “China’s New Generation Artificial Intelligence Technology Industry Development Report” entitled “Deep Science and Technology Innovation-Driven Development of China’s Artificial Intelligence Industry”, summarizes the basic features and trends of the development of China’s artificial intelligence technology industry; “China’s New Generation AI Technology Industry Regional Competitiveness Evaluation Index” analyzes the competitiveness ranking of China’s new generation AI technology industry development regions in 2022.

Tianjin released 13 achievements, including the “Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Pilot Zone Social Experiment Release”, “Smart City Development Report”, “Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality” Innovation Declaration, and Tianjin (Xiqing) IOV Pilot Zone Construction Achievements, etc., focusing on the latest progress in the field of intelligence, launching support initiatives and beneficial policies to help the development of the intelligent technology industry, showing major achievements, frontier concepts, innovative applications and advanced technologies in the field of intelligent technology.

At the same time, Kylin Soft worked with over 10 industry colleagues to build the foundation of innovation for the construction of a strong science and technology nation and drive industry growth with chained communities. OpenKylin, the first desktop operating system root community in China, was launched during the congress with the theme of “create the trend of open source and enjoy a boundless future”. And 34 achievements including the pure solar car “Tianjin”, the open platform of intelligent network, “Research Report on Digital Economy Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region”, “AI Education White Paper: Educational Transformation and Innovation Practice in the Era of Intelligence”, Robot Skin Tactile Sensing Intelligent System, 5G Application Security Innovation Demonstration Center Action Plan were also released at this congress. These new technologies, new theories and new standards have strongly enhanced the development of the intelligent technology industry of our city.

The Sixth World Intelligence Congress “Outstanding Cases of WIC Intelligent Technology Innovation and Application” was grandly published at the closing ceremony of the Congress. The competition of “WIC Smart Technology Innovation and Application Excellent Cases” will become an important support and part of the never-ending World Intelligence Congress, a platform for result release, benchmark display, project gathering and talent exchange for the development of intelligent technology industry in Tianjin. It will also become an important support for the development of Tianjin’s intelligent technology industry and the empowerment of digital and intelligent upgrade of core industries.








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