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Bravo News | Official Announcement: Competitions, Intelligence Experiences and More from the 5th World Intelligence Congress

2021-04-02 15:21:27
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March 17, 2021, to accelerate the preparations for the 5th World Intelligence Congress and enhance the diversity and interest of the series of compitions and intelligence experiences, the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee organized a preparatory meeting in Tianjin.

The 5th World Intelligence Congress will be held in Tianjin from May 20 to 23, 2021. At that time, the World Intelligent Driving Challenge, China (Tianjin) Industrial APP Innovation Competition, International Intelligent Sports Conference, China Hualu Cup -- Data Lake Algorithm Competition, RoboCup Robot World Cup China Competition and Asia Pacific Robot World Cup Tianjin International Invitational Tournament as five major events will be held. Meanwhile, a number of interactive and interesting intelligence experience events such as intangible cultural heritage exhibition, geekthon, eco-city intelligence experience and maze robot challenge. We will also bring special activities such as sister cities round table, all-fields science and technology week, robot instrument performance, etc. While participating, citizens can enjoy the brand-new experience brought by intelligence technology more closely.

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Secretariat introduced the overall preparatory progress of the 5th World Intelligence Congress and answered the questions raised by the organizers. Zhou Shengxi, chief economist of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, affirmed and thanked the achievements of each unit, and also put forward specific requirements: First, strengthen communication, ensure to communicate in time to solve problems encountered in the preparatory process for the smooth development of each session; Second, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, link up with the health and epidemic prevention departments to tailor a detailed plan; Third, strengthen publicity, all events should launch campaigns for highlights in advance to further enhance the actual effect.

Source: Secretariat of the Organizing Committee, World Intelligence Congress








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