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[Meet in Tianjin] WIC 2021: Scheduled To be Held in Late May This Year in Tianjin

2021-03-23 16:34:02
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Since 2017, Tianjin has taken the lead in raising the banner of the development of the intelligent technology industry and has successfully held World Intelligent Congress for four consecutive years. The conference will invite the world's most influential academic authorities, industry elites, international institutions, and professional media in the field of intelligent technology to attend and discuss the development trend of the world's intelligent technology industry, seek more extensive exchanges and cooperation. The conference will hold a series of online and offline activities such as opening and closing ceremonies, summits, parallel forums, intelligent technology exhibitions, competitions, and intelligent experiences.

The World Intelligence Congress has become an accelerator for the development of the intelligent technology industry in Tianjin. Since the fourth conference, the intelligent technology industry cluster in Tianjin has grown stronger. The headquarters of Unicloud, 360, TCL, Lenovo, and Kirin have settled in Tianjin. A number of iconic projects such as Alibaba Tianjin Center, Huawei Kunpen, Tencent's largest IDC data center, North Sound Valley project from iFLYTEK, new materials project from China Electronics, Hikvision, and Siasun Robotics,  have already been invested. Many companies have achieved the identity transformation from a guest to a host in Tianjin through the ‘Golden Sign’- the World Intelligence Congress.

WIC 2021

The Fifth World Intelligence Congress will thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the Third World Intelligence Congress, serve the national development strategy, and lead the world’s intelligent technology development trend. For the purpose, we adhere to the mode of ‘government-led, market-organized meetings, enterprise participation, and empowerment of all industries’. Build the conference into an important platform for the implementation of national strategies, an important platform for the gathering of intelligent industry resources and innovative talents, and an important platform for the display and exchange of achievements in the world's intelligent technology field.

【Conference Days】May 20-23, 2021 (Thursday to Sunday)

【Conference Venue】Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin, China)

The Fifth World Intelligence Congress will combine online and offline activities into seamless hybrid events, including opening and closing ceremonies, summits, parallel forums, intelligent technology exhibitions, competitions, intelligent experiences, results releases, bilateral meetings, etc. At present, the preparatory work for the conference has been fully launched. The organizing committee of the conference has successively launched a collection of parallel forums nd intelligent experience activities. The preparatory work for key guest invitations, exhibitions, and competition activities has been advanced in an orderly manner, and city roadshows have been promoted to strengthen marketing operational level, in-depth negotiation and cooperation with strategic partners and sponsors of the conference are in full swing...

Intelligent Technology Exhibition

We expect over 60,000 square meters of exhibit space. The exhibition is divided into six exhibition areas and two indoor and outdoor experience areas for scientific research and application, smart city and transportation, international and regional innovation, smart life, smart manufacturing, and information technology application innovation industry, which can accommodate more than 300 companies’ exhibits at the same time. Attract more professional audiences to participate, and the experience and interaction will be greatly enhanced.


With the principle of ‘internationalization, specialization, standardization’, WIC 2021 improves attendee experience. There are 5 professional events, which are the World Intelligent Driving Challenge, China (Tianjin) Industrial APP Innovation and Application Competition, China Hualu Cup · Data Lake Algorithm Competition, International Intelligent Sports Conference and RoboCup China Open · the RoboCup Asia-Pacific Tianjin Invitational Tournament.

Intelligent Experience

At WIC, the indoor and outdoor experience areas are the places to experience the entire connected ecosystem that brings together the new technologies and new products, such as unmanned driving, VR/AR, 5G+ industrial Internet, robots, and smart home. WIC is also going to hold digital cultural and creative festivals, labyrinth robots, geek marathons and other activities, so that guests can fully experience the full-process and full-scene technological experience brought by technologies.

We are delighted to invite you to participate in WIC 2021!

Looking forward to seeing you on the coast of the Bohai Sea!

Opening a New Chapter of World's Intelligent Technology!

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