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Flight Attendants of Tianjin Airlines Appear at the 6th World Intelligence Congress Providing Ceremonial Services

2022-07-25 10:56:35
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With the grand opening of the 6th World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin from June 24 to 25, six excellent flight attendants of Tianjin Airlines’ “Jinxiu Flight Attendant Team”, after preliminary training, officially appeared at the World Intelligence Congress as a ceremonial support team, providing multiple services for the congress such as image and etiquette at the opening and closing ceremonies, venue guidance and distinguished guests receiving services. This is also an initiative of the WIC Organizing Committee Secretariat to improve the overall service level of the Congress. The flight attendants of Tianjin Airlines were also considered a beautiful sight to behold at the 6th World Intelligence Congress.

Photo 1 Flight Attendants of Tianjin Airlines Appear at the 6th World Intelligence Congress

To provide considerate and excellent services for this year’s World Intelligence Congress, Tianjin Airlines selected six outstanding post-90s flight attendants from the “Jinxiu Flight Attendant Team”, which was awarded the “National Workers’ Pioneer” in Tianjin in 2022, to carry out the ceremonial support tasks. These flight attendants were selected in various dimensions, such as overall appearance, comprehensive quality, language ability and adaptability.

Photo 2 Flight Attendants of Tianjin Airlines Appear at the 6th World Intelligence Congress

After receiving the task, the team overcame the difficulties of tight schedule and heavy workload, familiarized themselves with the venue in advance and carried out relevant job training, rehearsed the guidance route, practiced techniques in communication and venue introduction, etc., and made every effort to prepare for the service assurance of every single part of the opening and closing ceremonies of this year’s World Intelligence Congress.

Photo 3 Flight Attendants of Tianjin Airlines Appear at the 6th World Intelligence Congress

As a “business card” of Tianjin Airlines, the Jinxiu Flight Attendant Team represents all the outstanding flight attendants of Tianjin Airlines and always practices the spirit of “Sincere service” of civil aviation. In 2021, the Jinxiu Flight Attendant Team performed 118 flights of important transport flight support mission at all levels, covering 2,174 important passengers at all levels. The team received a total of 3,024 commendations from passengers throughout the year, guarding passenger travel safety with practical actions in the blue sky and white clouds.

Photo 4 Flight Attendants of Tianjin Airlines Appear at the 6th World Intelligence Congress

Photo 5 Flight Attendants of Tianjin Airlines Appear at the 6th World Intelligence Congress

Tianjin Airlines brought a different kind of intelligent journey through the “World Intelligence Congress”, which added brilliance to the Congress. By providing considerate and careful services for the guests, it offered three-dimensional interactive experience both on the flight and off the flight, online and offline.








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