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See You There: Brand New Tianjin Portal and the World Intelligence Congress

2021-04-02 16:03:03
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Introduction: More and more friends became attached to Tianjin via the World Intelligence Congress. They may have been a guest of Tianjin originally, but now have landed in Tianjin and become the new host. Friends of the World Intelligence Congress, are actually the backbone of developing intelligence technology industry in Tianjin.

360 – Zhou Hongyi: New Infrastructure Needs Simultaneous Construction of Security

Behind the new infrastructure is comprehensive digitalization. My understanding of the new infrastructure is digital infrastructure. On the one hand, the technologies used are the integration of MABCDE, Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, edge computing and digitalization, which are summarized in three keys: Software-defined world; Everything is programmable; Everything needs to be interconnected, and data drives all businesses.

Today, network security is not only the security of the network system itself, but also has comprehensively affected political security and national defense security, including the security of key infrastructure, industrial production, finance, society, city and even personal security.

In the future, 360 will continue to increase the construction and investment of the “Security Brain” in Tianjin, continue to deepen security operation and security posture serving, and play a partner role of the government and enterprises, providing protection for everyone on the path of digitalization.

Lenovo – Yang Yuanqing: Promoting the Upgrading of China Manufacturing Industry and Accelerating the Development of Smart Economy

In 2017, a strategic cooperation agreement was reached with Tianjin, taking Tianjin as the base camp of Lenovo's future-oriented transformation business development, with the goal of becoming a model enterprise to realize the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Strategy.

By vigorously developing the smart economy driven by digital and intelligence technology, we will promote consumption growth, promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, enhance the international competitiveness of China's economy and achieve high-quality development in the post-corona era.

It is timely for our country to vigorously develop "New Infrastructure" such as 5G, data center, Industrial Internet and Internet of Things. The "New Infrastructure" is not only an advanced intelligence technology, but also an infrastructure that empowers a smart economy, with huge investment demand at one end and an escalating enterprise market at the other. The "New Infrastructure" empowers the intelligence transformation of all walks of life, which will inject great digital power into China's industrial development and bring profound industrial changes.

TCL – Li Dongsheng: Intelligence Economy is the Upgrading Direction of Real Economy

If say Internet technology has brought information economy in the past ten years, then intelligence economy will be born with the development of artificial intelligence technology in the next ten years.

At this World Intelligence Congress, I am glad to see that many Chinese high-tech enterprises with their latest products representing the cutting-edge technological achievements of the intelligence industry. It is expected that Chinese enterprises can seize the upgrading opportunity brought by intelligence economy, change from former technology followers to leaders of intelligence technology, be a good model benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of real industries, and make greater contributions to promoting China from a quantity-based manufacturing power to a quality-based manufacturing power and standing in the forest of the world economy.

TCL will focus on intelligent manufacturing and Industrial Internet in Tianjin in the future, and accelerate the development of intelligence industry in coordination with the plan of Tianjin to build TCL's Northern Industrial Headquarter.

Unicloud – Zhao Weiguo: Digital Industry Foundation of the Intelligent World

The most basic element in the intelligent digital world is the integrated circuit, the chip, and the software, hardware and communication protocol running on it. China wants to establish a strong industrial foundation in the basic science and technology field. Zhao believes that "China must hold the control of our own high-tech". What Unicloud does is to serve this basic control capability for the intelligent world.

During the Congress, Unicloud's National Headquarters officially settled in Tianjin, and will continue to work hard to contribute to the development of China's entire digital industry, especially basic science and technology.

Kylinsoft – Kong Jinzhu: Kirin Flying into the Sky, Creating the Future with Wisdom

The new infrastructure includes three tiers of networks, namely, information network with 5G as the core, energy network with electricity as the core, and transportation network with high-speed rail and urban rail as the core. The New Infrastructure is not only reflected in high technology, but also can make up shortcomings in the information field. The core of the New Infrastructure is the information network, which leads China to develop towards digitalization and intelligence through the innovation of information technology. Software enterprises can gain kinetic energy from the New Infrastructure and enable their own development.

Kylinsoft will be based on the future technology development trends such as artificial intelligence, mobile computing and cloud interconnection, to build a safe base for the New Infrastructure, follow the four indicators of function, performance, security and reliability, and establish an independent OS team with a scale of more than 10,000 people, which provides important support for realizing the leap-forward development of our national OS, implementing a safer information technology system, and driving the New Infrastructure to build a new engine of digital economy.

The 5th World Intelligence Congress will be held in Tianjin from May 20 to 23, 2021. The Congress will hold a series of "online + offline" activities such as opening and closing ceremonies, summits, parallel forums, intelligence technology exhibitions, competitions and intelligence experiences. Preparations for the Congress are in full swing. You are cordially invited to participate in the World Intelligence Congress and join us in the grand event.

Source: Secretariat of the Organizing Committee, World Intelligence Congress








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