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Science and Technology Fair of the 5th World Intelligence Congress: Enterprises Gathered, Focusing on Scenario Experience

2021-04-02 15:17:47
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The 5th World Intelligence Congress will be held in Tianjin from May 20 to 23, 2021. This congress will bring an innovative "online + offline" mode, with a series of events such as conferences, exhibitions, competitions, intelligence experiences and interactive exchanges, forming a quaternity international grand gathering of "conference, exhibition, competition + intelligence experience".

To lead the trend of the intelligence era and focus on the scenarios of artificial intelligence (AI) empowerment in various fields, our Congress has five exhibition halls, six exhibition areas and three indoor/outdoor experience areas, totaling about 60,000 square meters, covering scientific research and application, smart cities and transportation, international and regional innovation, smart life, intelligent manufacturing, and IT innovation industry and more AI scenarios. We invite more than 10 universities and research institutions such as NCSA, NKU and Tianjin University to introduce the top scientific research achievements in AI field. Up to now, there’re more than 200 pre-exhibitors, including Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, CEC, CETC, CRRC, CSIC and other Fortune 500 enterprises, domestic Fortune 500 enterprises such as Tsinghua Unigroup, Inspur and iFlytek, unicorn enterprises such as DJI, Deepblue AI and Sub Blue, and local representative enterprises such as Didi Chuxing, 360, Yunzhanghu, Kylinsoft and the Tianjin Port.

Our Exhibition will highlight the experience of enable-scenarios. At present, a batch of intelligence technologies, products and application scenarios have been publicly collected, and integrated into the three experience areas of "5G Intelligence", "Smart Consumption", "Unmanned Driving and Smart Rail Train", so that participants and spectators can fully experience the complete processes and scenarios based-on intelligence, thus unify technologies with our daily life more closely.

5G Intelligence Experience area. Create a more futuristic 5G experience around 5G life experience, smart production scenario and industry ecosystem, including Smart Winter Olympics, Smart Airport, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, Smart Industry, public safety, remote driving, Smart Ecology, Smart Terminal and many other scenarios.

Smart Consumption Experience area. Jointly launched by Alibaba, Xiaomi, Haier and other enterprises, we create a more futuristic smart consumption experience with the latest smart facilities, products and solutions, show smart consumption scenarios, and help promote the construction of an international consumption-oriented city. The content involves more than 10 smart business experience projects, such as smart business and smart home. With smart devices and VR/AR samples, audiences can experience the future life more integrated with AI.

Outdoor Experience area. On the basis of previous sessions, we will show unmanned driving, drones, robots, Smart Rail Express system and other latest technology products of CRRC. There are also robots for music performance, dancing, Chinese Opera, boxing, judo, Tai Chi and various fighting competitions. An AI training assistant for sports and fitness enthusiasts, and our driverless vehicles to try, so as to realize the intelligence scene experience of "land, air and express". The interactivity of participating projects is unprecedentedly enhanced, and the most authentic and cutting-edge AI traffic scenes will be covered to the greatest extent.

We hope that participants and spectators can fully experience the complete processes and scenarios based-on intelligence. Aggregating scientific research and application achievements related to technology and life more closely, helping human beings to create a smarter and more convenient living space, realizing and promoting the process of digitalization, networking and intelligence from "perception" to "cognition". At this point, “the future is now.”

Source: Secretariat of the Organizing Committee, World Intelligence Congress








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