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The Preparatory Meeting for the Parallel Forums of WIC 2021 Held in Tianjin

2021-03-25 10:48:45
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The Fifth World Intelligence Congress will be held in Tianjin in May 2021, and all preparations for the conference have now been fully launched. The secretariat of the conference organizing committee organized a special conference on January 14th to organize a preparatory meeting for the parallel forums at WIC. Relevant persons who are in charge of 21 escalation plans from relevant municipal commissions, district governments, universities, institutions, and enterprises attended the meeting.

*The image shows the scene of the preparatory meeting for the parallel forums

The Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the Congress gave a brief introduction on the overall planning and the preparation requirements for parallel forums, and then listened to the reports of relevant units on the preliminary planning and preparations of the forum. The Secretariat of the Organizing Committee expressed affirmation and recognition of the progress made by each forum organizer in the preliminary preparations. At the same time, Committee also put forward specific requirements, and hoped that all units would strictly follow the municipal government's special meeting deployment and the organizing committee's planning of parallel forums, and make sure to carefully revise and improve the plan. Next, the secretariat of the organizing committee will organize experts to issue review opinions, select the best among the best, and strive to organize a series of distinctive and professional forum activities.

The Fifth World Intelligence Congress will host 18 parallel forums, aiming to be international, professional, and high standard. And forums will mainly focus on the fields of artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, digital economy, smart city, etc. The forums cover hot topics, such as the prospects of smart technology industry and the implementation of smart technology achievements. Apart from 18 parallel forums, WIC will also organize ‘multi-frequency’, ‘small-scale’ interactive exchange activities, including sharing and discussion sessions. So that enterprises can deeply participate. It will fully leverage the role of WIC– as a platform to achieve a shared and win-win development.

Source: Secretariat of the World Intelligence Conference Organizing Committee






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