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Official Announcement! Hot Topics We Can Expect From the Parallel Forums of WIC 2021

2021-03-19 10:24:09
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On March 4, 2021, the Secretariat of the Conference Organizing Committee organized the parallel forum preparatory meeting. This meeting is to accelerate the progress of the preparations for WIC 2021 and improve the quality, level, and scale of the parallel forums of this conference.

The parallel forums cover several topics, including AI, digital economy, digital finance, Internet of Vehicles, 5G, industrial Internet, smart health and medical, biomedicine, smart agriculture, smart transportation, etc. The forums mainly focus on the prospects of smart technology industry, launch and sharing of intelligent technology, and in-depth cooperation in the field of intelligent technology.

At the meeting, the Secretariat of the WIC Organizing Committee introduced the overall preparations for the Fifth World Intelligence Congress. The main organizers of the 23 parallel forums respectively gave special reports on the progress of their respective forum planning and preparations. Zhou Shengxi, chief economist of the Information Technology Bureau, recognized the high-end and professional level of the forums, and put forward new requirements for the preparation of parallel forums. Associations, and societies to carry out deeper cooperation, improve the quality and level of the forum in a comprehensive, multilevel, multifaceted way, At the same time, make sure the epidemic prevention and control are completely safe and reliable.

All parties expressed that they would work together to bring frontier concepts, leading technologies and high-end products across the globe, the World Intelligence Congress is to be an iconic international event with the highest authority, quality and standard, which leads the trend of the age of intelligence.


Source: Secretariat of the World Intelligence Congress Organizing Committee

Tel: 022-83608029

Mailbox: wic@wicongress.org

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