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Join us at WIC 2021, Meet Business Opportunities

2021-03-04 15:27:10
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Exhibition Date: May 20 to May 23, 2021

Exhibition Venue: Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin, China)

The Fifth World Intelligence Congress will be held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center from May 20 to 23, 2021. The whole exhibition area is around 60,000 square meters, including 6 exhibition areas and 2 experience areas where audiences can experience many interactive technological projects, such as intelligent manufacturing, Xinchuang industry, scientific research and application, smart life, smart transportation, smart city, and smart experience. At that time, there will be a series of activities such as the World Intelligent Driving Challenge, China (Tianjin) Industrial APP Innovation Application Competition, new product releases of intelligent technology companies, and intelligent scene experience.

After four years of cultivation and development, the Intelligent Technology Exhibition Area of WIC are greatly expanded over time- from 6000 square meters (WIC 2017), 35000 square meters(WIC 2018), to 60000 square meters(WIC 2019). WIC 2020 went virtual and hosted the virtual exhibitions. WIC 2021 is a collection of advanced technological achievements in the field of intelligence at home and abroad, focusing on the development of the field of intelligence in the future, and is committed to building three platforms for enterprises to serve, display and communicate through the exhibition.

Over 300 companies from all over the world will be exhibiting. And there will be more than 20 product project launch conferences. WIC 2021 will have more than 30000 professional visitors, and over 300000 general visitors.

Booth reservations are underway! Booth space is limited, so the sooner reservations are made, the better the booth location!

Early bird benefits are limited for a limited time!

Register now to receive early-bird pricing. And you can get fee discount if you meet any of the following conditions. Promotion can be used in conjunction with any other discount, up to 30% discount!

  1. Early Payment Discount- Companies that pay the full booth fee before February 28, 2021, get 20% discount. Companies pay the full booth fee before March 31, 2021, get 10% discount.
  2. Previous Exhibitors Only Discount- Companies that participated in previous WIC exhibitions, get 5% discount.
  3. Volume discounts- With a booth area of 100 square meters or more, you get 5% discount.

Exhibition highlights

Bringing together domestic advanced technology application scenarios

More than 400 media reporting on WIC

International Frontier Intelligent Field Technology Achievement Exhibition

Bring together professional audiences from all fields

Indoor and outdoor independent experience areas to improve user experience

Break space restrictions and build a high-quality online exhibition platform

Provide exhibitors with exclusive communication and negotiation, product release platform

Participation Process

Step 1: Submit "Exhibitor Application Form"

The registration form has been attached to the end of the article, fill it out and send it to the conference contact email.

Step 2: Confirm the booth

After submitting the "Exhibitor Application Form", please be patient and wait for good news. The contact person of the conference will call you and send the booth drawings to confirm the specific issues of the booth according to the order in which the application form is submitted.

Step 3: Sign the agreement and pay the booth fee

After the booth is confirmed, please sign the "Exhibition Agreement" within the specified time limit, affix the official seal, and send it back to the conference contact person, and pay the booth fee according to the contract requirements. The booth booking can only be considered abandoned for late payment. And the organizer has the right to pursue the relevant legal liability.

Step 4: Booth design and exhibit preparation

The staff of the conference will provide "Exhibitor Manual", and exhibitors must submit corresponding exhibition materials in accordance with relevant requirements and time points. After the raw space exhibitor confirms the booth, it can formulate a construction plan according to the booth area and location.

Step 5: Onsite registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is the booth price?

Raw space minimum booth size is 36 square meters, includes NO booth construction, furniture, or utilities. Exhibitors can arrange special decoration by themselves or entrust a construction company recommended by the organizer.

Indoor main aisle entrance (Type A)-1200 yuan/㎡

Indoor main aisle (Type B)- 1000 yuan/㎡

Indoor other locations (Type C)- 800 yuan/㎡

Outdoor (Type D) 500 yuan/㎡

The standard booth is 10,000 yuan/piece, 9㎡/piece, including basic structures, carpets, fascia boards, sockets, spotlights, etc.

Q2 When can I choose a booth and get the booth drawings?

The booth is planned and arranged by the organizer of the conference. After February 28, the booth arrangement of the first batch of registered companies will be launched.

Q3 What are the previous partners and cooperative media?

A group of industry leaders and unicorn companies such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huawei, Microsoft, General Electric Company, Siemens, Tencent, Alibaba, National Supercomputing Center, Inspur, Qihoo 360, Lenovo, iFlytek, Tsinghua Unigroup, Sugon, Bank of China, China Hualu Group, Kirin Software, Novozymes and SAP will participate in the exhibition.

More than 300 media including China Central Television, People's Daily Online, Xinhua News Agency, China Net, People's Daily, China Youth Daily, Sina.com, Beifang Net, Anhui Television, and Phoenix TV cooperated with the conference to report on the real-time situation of the conference.

Q4 What types of partners are there to choose from?

With different depths of cooperation, there are different conference partners, which are strategic partners, senior partners, and partners.

Partners of various levels can cooperate with the conference in various forms, and partners of different levels enjoy different preferences. The number of partners is limited, first come first served!

Q5 How to become a partner of the World Smart Conference?

Please call 189 2006 1139 to contact the investment team of the conference. The conference provides exhibitors with free publishing privileges on China Internet Information Center throughout the year and promotion on the whole network to help your company increase brand exposure and industry influence.

Q6 When and where will the Fifth World Intelligence Congress be held?

Exhibitin Days: May 20-23, 2021

Exhibition Venue: Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 18, Youyi South Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin, China)

Register for the exhibition

Contact Details

Mr. Zang



Ms. Ren



Mr. Fan



For more partner rights, please contact us. Enterprises that are interested in joining the exhibition, please contact the investment and exhibition department of the conference by phone or email. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Source: Secretariat of the World Intelligence Conference Organizing Committee








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