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The Mobilization Meeting of WIC 2021 was held in Tianjin

2021-03-19 10:20:36
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A few days ago, the Fifth World Intelligence Congress mobilization meeting was held in Tianjin. Wang Weidong, deputy mayor of Tianjin and deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the Fifth World Intelligence Congress, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhu Yubing, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, attended the meeting. A total of 26 relevant commissions, bureaus, and district governments in Tianjin participated in this meeting.

Yin Jihui, director of the Office of the Organizing Committee of the World Intelligence Congress, reported on the overall arrangement, preparatory work progress and next work arrangements for the Fifth World Intelligence Congress. The Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, The Municipal Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Office, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Municipal Sports Bureau, Office for Cooperation and Exchange Affairs of Tianjin, Binhai New District Government, and Dongli District Government respectively reported work progress, existing problems, and next work plans. Other units made supplementary speeches.

The meeting pointed out that the Fifth World Intelligence Congress will be held at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center from May 20 to 23 this year in Tianjin. So far, the planning phase of the conference has basically ended, and officially the conference entered the implementation phase. All relevant units must go all out to do the preparatory work, ensure the success of the conference. The meeting put forward the following requirements for the preparation of the Fifth World Intelligence Congress:

One is to fully understand the difficulties, take the courage to act, and face the challenges head-on. Although the World Intelligence Congress has been successfully held for four consecutive years, we must attach great importance to it in thought and action, and earnestly implement the requirements of "simplification and focus" emphasized by Mayor Guoxun, and further innovate the concept of hosting the conference. Achieve even greater levels of internationalization, high-end, marketization and specialization. The current pandemic might have an impact on the organization of the conference, guest invitations, and audience organization, work plans and emergency preparations must be made in advance.

The second is to establish a sense of high-quality. Always to be careful and precise to produce high-quality goods. The World Intelligence Congress was successfully held for four years, and now it has reached to a point where shows results that we have done. With prep work ahead of time, we need to make sure that the conference will achieve good results and big success.

The third is to establish an effective mechanism, to achieve closer communication, coordination and cooperation, and strive for practical results. All relevant districts and departments should strengthen mechanism guarantees, clarify timetables, roadmaps, and responsible persons, inverted schedule, pay attention to node control, and pay close attention to the implementation of tasks. The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology must do a good job of communication and coordination and accelerate the resolution of problems found in the prep work.

It is reported that the conference adheres to the combination of online and offline, and through online conferences, offline exhibitions, online interaction, and offline communication, the conference will be further innovated, and the influence of the conference will be enhanced. The conference plans to hold a series of activities such as conferences, exhibitions, competitions, intelligent experiences, interactive exchanges, etc., forming a four-in-one international platform of ‘conferences and exhibitions + intelligent experience’. Conferences include the opening ceremony and summit, parallel forums, closing ceremonies and series of activities; ‘Exhibitions’ refers to the world intelligent technology exhibition with an area of about 60,000 square meters; ‘Competitions’ refers to 5 events; ‘Intelligent Experience’ refers to intelligent technology elements which are integrated into various exhibition activities such as conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and series of activities.

Source: Secretariat of the World Intelligence Conference Organizing Committee








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