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[Jincai Review] Feel the Power of female at the World Intelligence Congress

2021-03-15 09:55:10
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On the platform of the World Intelligence Congress, there are many forward-looking and leading perspectives, among which women held a certain proportion. The International Women's Day is approaching, let us take look at those female representatives at the World Intelligence Congress.

[Chairman and President of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.- Dong Mingzhu: Industrial Opportunities in the Intelligent Era]

A router, or a simple connection product does not make an intelligent era, solving the actual problems does. For example, using AI or other technologies to solve problems like health, safety, avoiding accidents (or even achieving the goal of zero accident) .

Intelligence era is not invisible or unable to touch. In the manufacturing sector, if the technological development is close enough to the market and consumers, China will be able to surpass developed countries in the world. The intelligent era is to bring consumers a better, more comfortable, safer, and more convenient living environment. Call for smart technology to solve real problems, export outstanding Chinese brands to the world, and make the world fall in love with Chinese manufacturing.

[Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne- Smart City Strategy: Technology for the development of people and city]

We can tame technology to improve our lives. Make better use of technology to improve the efficiency, productivity, and make our lives more enjoyable. Melbourne has adopted a ‘smart city’ approach. We inspire innovation, encourage community participation, and help innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs try to find answers to problems.

We can use data, technology, and labor to ensure that no one is homeless, no one is wandering or sleeping on the street. I think digital intelligence will help make this city more humane.

[Former Chairman of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations-Marlene Kenga: The Federation is willing to work with countries to provide more solutions for the world]

Engineering can help people meet the challenges of innovation and intelligent development, and connect hardware, software, and computer data to promote the realization of sustainable development. The World Intelligence Congress brings together elites and decision-makers in the field of intelligent technology from all over the world and provides us with a good opportunity. I hope we can fully communicate with you here to better apply cutting-edge technology to China and the world. 

The Fifth World Intelligence Congress will be held in Tianjin from May 20 to 23, 2021. The conference will hold a series of "online + offline" activities such as opening and closing ceremonies, summits, parallel forums, smart technology exhibitions, competitions, and smart experiences. The preparations for the conference are underway. We sincerely invite you to participate in the World Intelligence Congress and join us in the grand event.

Source: Secretariat of the World Intelligence Conference Organizing Committee








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