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[Jincai Review] Leading Internet Enterprises Gathered at the World Intelligence Congress

2021-03-04 15:30:28
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On the platform of the World Intelligence Congress, there are numerous speeches related to artificial intelligence, intelligent technology, and the intelligent era. Today, let’s take a look at the frontier views expressed by representatives of leading Internet enterprises.

[Robin Li: Artificial Intelligence is now in progress]

The era of artificial intelligence is not the patent of a certain company or a few companies. On the contrary, it is a work done by many companies together.

China has a lot of advantages in artificial intelligence. We have a big market, we have a lot of talents, we have a lot of papers on artificial intelligence, and we also have a lot of funds. There is no market in the world where there are more than 700 million netizens who speak the same language, follow the same cultural and ethical standards, and follow the same laws.


[Jack Ma: Intelligence changes the world]

There are three main elements in the smart world, the first one is Internet; the second one is big data; and the third one is cloud computing.

There is nothing great about robots doing things that humans can do, but they are amazing when they do things that humans can't do. Therefore, do not let the robot imitate humans, but let the machine develop its own intelligent power, respect the machine, and revere the machine. The horror of the data is that I know you as you know yourself. The future machine will know you better than you. The human beings may finally understand that they get to know themselves through machines.


[Richard Liu: New Business Trends in the Intelligent Era]

The development of artificial intelligence technology will not lead to large-scale unemployment of workers. Through legislation and other means, the working hours of workers will be shortened, so that more people can spend more time with their families and enjoy a better life.

When cars began to appear on the roads of Europe, many coachmen gathered to march because the cars impacted their lives and affected their livelihoods. And among these coachmen, some switched their jobs to learn to drive cars, and some people who made wagon wheels quickly switched to manufacturing car wheels, creating countless great companies. So, when the intelligent era comes, your attitude and your changes will determine your future.

[Ren Yuxin: A New Era of Intelligence: Manufacturing ·Investing ·Assisting Governance】

Pony Ma sent his wishes to WIC a complete success through video. He said that Tencent would actively participate in Tianjin’s new infrastructure and innovative ecological construction and use innovative technologies to rebuild a green and environmentally friendly technology center to meet the strategic needs of Tianjin’s high-quality development and help Tianjin become smart Fertile soil for industrial development!

Ren Yuxin said that in terms of enterprises, it is necessary to polish intelligent products with the spirit of digital craftsmanship and build an innovative ecosystem; in terms of industry, Tencent must help develop intelligent industries, actively participate in new infrastructures, and develop industrial Internet, digitization, networking, and smart applications. Let China's economy and society become more resilient in the face of the epidemic; in terms of society, Tencent hopes to help smart governance and build a smart society through the practice of science and technology for social good.


At present, Tencent has established artificial intelligence laboratory and cutting-edge technology laboratory, covering areas such as AI robots, quantum computing, 5G, and the Internet of Things. The future mission and vision of Tencent is -the future network and information security will become the digital moat of our smart society. Tencent will be user-oriented to make tech for social good.

The Fifth World Intelligence Congress will be held in Tianjin from May 20 to 23, 2021. The conference will hold a series of "online + offline" activities such as opening and closing ceremonies, summits, parallel forums, smart technology exhibitions, competitions, and intelligent experiences. The preparations for the conference are underway. We sincerely invite you to participate in the World Intelligence Congress and join us in the grand event.

Source: Secretariat of the World Intelligence Congress Organizing Committee








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