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Introduction of 2020 International Smart Sports Conference

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  • In 2019, taking the opportunity of holding the 3rd World Smart Conference, Tianjin took the lead in introducing the concept of smart sports, innovating to create a smart sports competition platform, and successfully held the first 2019 International Smart Sports Conference. The conference was a complete success and won high praise from the city leaders and all walks of life. By successfully holding the first international intelligent sports conference, our city further innovated the concept of intelligent sports, promoted the widespread application of artificial intelligence in the field of sports, promoted the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the sports industry, and created a smart sports international brand event and Tianjin The business card has inspired the high-quality development of the sports cause and sports industry and made new contributions to the construction of a strong sports city and a healthy Tianjin.

    In 2020, our city will further innovate the mode of organizing meetings, relying on the Fourth World Intelligent Conference, and hold the second International Intelligent Sports Conference online. The conference will be held from June 23rd to 24th. This event is supported by the All China Sports Federation, co-hosted by Tianjin Sports Bureau, Tianjin Industry and Information Bureau, Tianjin Sports Federation, Tianjin Sports Competition and Social Sports Innovative international intelligent sports cloud events hosted by the Affairs Center, Tianjin Intelligent Sports Athletic Association, Tianjin Weiqi Sports Association, Tianjin Chess Association, and Tianjin Chess Academy. There are five major items in the competition: the International Network Walker Conference, the International Esports Network Classic, the Internet Go Elite, the Internet Chess Elite, and the Popular Leisure Chess and Card Network. At that time, the competition will rely on the relevant smart sports APP operating platform and implant the theme elements of the World Smart Conference to drive the world's largest online sports crowd to participate in this event. This event will innovate the concept of intelligent sports, create an intelligent sports competition cloud platform, and strive to create intelligent sports brand events on the stage of the world intelligent conference, making it a Tianjin business card in the field of intelligent sports.








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