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EFY Intelligent Control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd

EFY Intelligent Control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd (EFY) is dedicated to providing flight control devices and data services to commercial UAV. The positioning is to be Huawei in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). We are Our objective is to apply our technologies to diverse commercial fields such as agricultural plant protection, inspection monitoring, public security and national defense, so as to provide users with one-stop solution that integrates software and hardware and improve user experience. By virtue of technologies such as autonomous control and big data, we are aimed at upgrading existing industries and help enterprises improve production efficiency by use of technical innovation, so as to reduce labor cost.

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)

先进院将积极发挥在建设创新性国家过程中的“火车头”作用,成为国家和人民可信赖、可依靠的战略科技力量, 引领和支持我国可持续发展。提升粤港地区及我国制造业、现代服务业和医疗医药等领域的自主创新能力,成为新型国际一流的工业研究院。

Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science


Institute of Microelectronics Chinese Academy of Sciences

In 1958, original Plant 109 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), as the predecessor of IMECAS, was founded to meet the national strategic demand of the high-frequency transistor computer. In September 2003, the plant was formally adopted its present name, IMECAS.
After the development in the past 60 years, IMECAS has become the key research and development institution with most comprehensive allocation in China’s electronics industry. It is the supporting institution of CAS R&D Center for “Internet of Things”, CAS Electronic Design Automation Center (EAD Center) and the school of Microelectronics of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), which is one of the national exemplary microelectronics schools. It is also the lead organizational unit of prospective IC equipment and process R&D, which is one of the National Science and Technology Major Projects.
The institute has total 1199 employees with 978 researchers, including two Academicians of CAS, two recipients of the Natural Science Foundation of China’s Distinguished Young Scholar Award, 25 CAS Hundred Talents Program fellows, 11 Thousand Talents Program fellows and, one Ten Thousand Talents Program fellows, 87 researchers and researcher-level senior engineers, 259 associate researchers.

Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology Chinese Academy of Science

Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (referred into as Chinese Academy of Sciences Chongqing Institute) is a public institution directly under Chinese Academy of Sciences and established jointly by Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Council Three Gorges Office and Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. Since its initiation and establishment in March 2011, insisting in the core value concept of ‘innovation being soul and based on market’ and taking as guidance major scientific and technological demands of economic and social development from Chongqing and the upper reaches of Yangtze River, it has an Institute of Electronic Information Technology, an Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Institute and a Three-Gorges Ecological and Environmental Research Institute.
By the end of 2013, Chongqing Institute has attracted and employed more than 300 talents. Here, it has more than 100 persons with the background of studying and working at abroad, one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two persons under the National One-thousand-Person Program, two persons under the National New Century Talents Project, one person among 973 chief scientists, one high-top foreign expert from State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, 8 persons under the Hundred Talents Program, CAS, 21 persons from Western Light Talents Training Plan, CAS, 3 persons from Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS, two persons of Chongqing Outstanding Youths, 1 person from Chongqing Excellent Young Talents, one person from Chongqing Scientific and Technological Innovation Talents and 5 persons winning merit-based financial assistance award in Overseas Students winning Chongqing Overseas. It has 24 research teams including 3D printing, water pollution process and control, robot technology, micro-nano manufacturing and intelligent multimedia. There are totally 108 postgraduates of various kinds studying at the Institute. Setting foot in the general situation of economic and social development and taking as its responsibility ‘Regional Strategic New Industry Development and Ecological Environmental Construction’, Chongqing Institute has attached importance to such projects as Green Three Gorges, 3D printing technology, industrial robot and grapheme industrialization. By the end of 2013, it has competed for 185 scientific and technological projects and made great scientific and technological progress in more than 10 projects including the ‘large-area high quality grapheme large-scale preparation’ technology, 3D printing parallel robot research & development with independent intellectual property rights and the research & development of human face identification frontier auto-clearance system.
Chongqing Institute has strengthened deep cooperation with the enterprises with scales and facilitated industrialization in strong-to-strong coordination. At present, it has signed cooperative agreements respectively with Shanghai Nanjiang (Group) Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Qianlong Group. By means of uniting and developing industry parks and jointly establishing companies, it has greatly promoted the industrialization of such projects as large-area single layer grapheme project. It has signed a three-party cooperative agreement with more than 10 robot key enterprises including Shenyang Siasun and Foshan Guidant as well as Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. Entering into Chongqing Liangjiang Robot Industry Park focused on Chongqing Institute Yucheng Center, it is estimated that the project will realize RMB1billion of its annual output value. By making use of public service platform for intelligent industrial design and following the guidelines of ‘going out and bringing in’, it has increased its cooperation with district (county) committee for economic and information affairs and the Science and Technology Committee and goes deep into district (county) small and medium-sized enterprises. By the end of 2013, Chongqing Institute has accumulatively served more than 350 enterprises.
Chongqing Institute, located in Liangjiang New Area Hi-tech Industrial Park, covers an area of about 300mu including scientific research complex, student apartment, incubator building, factory building and cultural and sport building. The scientific research park with the construction area of 107,000.00m2 built at the first stage has been put into operation in September 2013.

Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science

研究所现设包括模式识别国家重点实验室、复杂系统管理与控制国家重点实验室、国家专用集成电路设计工程技术研究中心、类脑智能研究中心等科研开发部门12个,拥有在职科技人员795人,科技支撑人员54人,其中包括中国科学院院士2人、发展中国家科学院院士1人、973项目首席科学家4人、IEEE Fellow 8人、国家杰出青年科学基金获得者13人、国家优秀青年基金获得者4人,万人计划百千万人才工程领军人才1人、万人计划青年拔尖人才1人、科技部中青年科技领军人才3人等一批优秀的领军人才。

Global Hawk UAV (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

Global Hawk UAV (Shenzhen) Limited company headquarters is located in the state-level high-tech software park in Shenzhen ---- Longgang Dayun town of software, is a professional engaged in industrial level high-tech enterprises, R & D and sales of professional human drone pilot training. The Global Hawk UAV company focused on civilian industrial products, mainly used in the field of agriculture, public security, fire protection, forest, water conservancy, environmental protection, pipeline patrol line, with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, NPU, Aviation Industry and other scientific research institutes in combination, the UAV industry ecosystem to build production, learning and research, sales, training application and service as one of the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry pioneer!
At present, the Global Hawk has the layout of more than ten provincial subsidiaries in Anhui, Shanxi, Sichuan, Ningxia, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hubei, Xinjiang, Jiangsu and Hebei, and gradually formed “one headquarters, six major UAV industry base ". The Global Hawk Dongguan industrial base is located in Fenggang, building area of nearly 4000 square meters.
After several years hard work, in the emerging global hawk UAV industry has won widespread praise, was named "2016 Chinese UAV twenty", "best corporate social responsibility, chairman Yu Jingbing was awarded the" special contribution award for outstanding contributions in the field of civilian uav".
The Global Hawk is based in China, and the eagle eye sees the world, We are determined to become the “global hawk” in the industrial class unmanned aircraft industry in China"!

Shandong Xiang Hong Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Shandong Xiang Hong electronics technology co. ltd. is a specialized company for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) systems development and integration. We independently developed the navigation control system suitable for industrial applications and key technologies for visual target tracking and recognition system. Xiang Hong technology does the overall design, research and development and finally the manufacturing of small unmanned aerial vehicle for professional use.
Based on the core competitiveness, we developed our own intelligent flight control system provided with all kinds of autonomous flight control capability.
Our integrated system is adjustable with different application systems and meets the requirements of military purpose, police use, civil applications and a wide range of industrial applications.
Integrated service platform is one of our characteristic feature for all kinds of project support.
Xiang Hong Technology always believes in its four core values :
1. Accountability.
2. Determination for innovation.
3. Quality assurance.
4. Pursuit of excellence.
Thus to achieve the most superior product performance and provide the one stop service to satisfy the requirements of our high end customers.
Our company is committed to promote the uav applications in multiple sectors with leading R&D and strong foundation. We provide unmanned aerial solutions with long flight time and strong wind resistance customization service for agricultural plant protection, remote sensing survey and mapping, arm police anti-terrorism unit, maritime surveillance, land resource utilization.

Tianjin Eagle Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd


China Telecom Corporation Limited Tianjin Branch


Hisense Transtech


Baidu Intelligent Driving Group

In March 2017, Baidu founded its Intelligent Driving Group (Baidu IDG). Baidu IDG is dedicated to bringing the traditional automotive industry into the AI era by enhancing efficiency and collaborative development.
On April 19th 2017, Baidu announced a new project named “Apollo” which will provide an open, complete and reliable software platform for its partners in the automotive and autonomous driving industry to develop their own autonomous driving systems with reference vehicles and hardware platform.

CAS Quantum Network Co., Ltd

Initially co-founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co, Ltd. and University of Science and Technology of China, CAS Quantum Network Co., Ltd takes the responsibility for the state priority project: "satellite-ground" national wide-area quantum communication backbone networks. The company’s mission is “focusing on information security demands, building up satellite-ground quantum networks, promoting on quantum communication industry”, with the vision of “developing the quantum secure Internet for the next generation of information technology and strategic needs”.
The company's primary vocation is to establish technologically-advanced, safe and reliable, well-structured national wide-area quantum communication backbone networks, concentrate on deployment, construction, promotion, operation and maintenance, make great efforts to promote wide-range applications, system integrations, technical services etc. of quantum technology, propel the large-scale adoption in civil-military integration, government, finance, electricity, cloud data and other fields.


公司以“更懂制造的工业互联网专家”为定位,先后为北京奔驰、奇瑞汽车、潍柴动力、兵器工业集团、青岛红领、等一大批行业领先企业服务,赢得客户高度满意并先后荣获“两化融合管理体系优秀贯标咨询服务机构”、“最佳解决方案服务商”、 “两化融合管理体系优秀解决方案”等大奖。


经过实践验证,这套解决方案特别适合于实体经济与虚拟经济深度融合 ,特别适合全球中小企业。

Jilin University China


Tianjin Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Research Institute

通过孵化企业和吸引人才,研究院已初步形成了从核心部件、智能驾驶系统、无人驾驶整车、车联网运营到后市场服务的智能网联汽车产业链雏形,融合了先进制造、汽车电子、人工智能、大数据、云计算等多项前沿技术,清智科技、清云智控、携车网、紫晶立方等多个清华技术产业化项目落地,总市值近10亿元,聚集了包括30多名清华博士、硕士在内的上百名高端科技人才。其中,清智科技作为研究院孵化的首家高科技企业,已获得清华知识产权入股和多家顶级投资机构3500万元天使投资,主营业务为汽车智能辅助驾驶系统和自动驾驶车辆产业化,预计2019年产值达到5亿元以上、高科技人才达到200人以上,致力成为国内专注智能网联汽车领域的首家上市公司。 2016年10月,天津市委李鸿忠书记与清华大学陈旭书记在研究院成立之初参观了清华智能网联技术原型车,并表示将亲自试乘研究院为天津定制研发的智能网联汽车。2017年6月,该概念车已完成研发生产,即将代表天津在世界智能大会展示发布,成为国内首台示范运营的全自动驾驶园区通勤车。研究院同时将在华明高新区构建智能网联汽车示范应用园区,打造全国首个真实道路环境下的智能网联汽车及智能交通技术验证、示范应用和公众体验基地,并将技术拓展至机场、港口、矿区、景区等多种自动驾驶应用场景,必将产生巨大的商业价值。, Inc. is the largest e-commerce company in China and the largest Chinese retailer, both in terms of revenue. The company strives to offer consumers the best online shopping experience. Through its user-friendly website, native mobile apps, and WeChat and Mobile QQ entry points, JD offers consumers a superior shopping experience. The company has the largest fulfillment infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China. As of March 31, 2017, operated 7 fulfillment centers and 263 warehouses covering 2,672 counties and districts across China, staffed by its own employees. is a member of the NASDAQ100 and a Fortune Global 500 company.

SAIC MAXUS Automotive Co., Ltd

SAIC MAXUS Automotive Co., Ltd(“SAIC MAXUS”)is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. Boosted with unique technology advantage, design standards with European vehicles, advanced theory of energy conservation and environmental protection, SAIC MAXUS provides a series of products for consumers with the combination of comfortable driving experience. Through 6 years efforts, progressive development, the corporation has transformed from one product produced in two years in the primary stage to two new products produced in only one year. We have established the platforms for 5 finished automobiles, new energy car service, motor homes traveling, offering experience plan for consumers.
Guided by the new brand value“ science and technology, reliance and progress”, SAIC MAXUS has turned into a digital C2B cross- border company. We adhere to the principle of user-driven, providing car products and leading service with global competitiveness and creating value for uses. The company serves as the leader of domestic market and competitor of global market.

Yunji Technology



Mobileye N.V. is the global leader in the development of vision and data analysis for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous driving.
Beyond ADAS, Mobileye designs AI software trained through deep learning to address the three pillars of autonomous driving: Sensing, Mapping (through REM™), and DrivingPolicy.Mobileye's development center, located in Her Hotzvim, Jerusalem (Israel), and employs approximately 650 research and development employees. In addition, the company has offices in the Netherlands, the United States, Japan and Cyprus.To date, over 16 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology.


Develops cutting-edge robotics technology and autonomous systems solutions We provide custom made, innovative aerial and ground autonomous Mobile platforms along with advanced ROS algorithm solutions for the defense industry, academia, private sector and governments all around the world

Next Wave Robotics

NWR is an Israeli based provider of robotics and automation solutions to companies and investors in China. We offer a vertically integrated platform for joint development, integration and production, in collaboration with leading universities and industry partners, supported by the bilateral cooperation between China and Israel.


Appnext is a leading mobile discovery platform, helping millions of users experience apps at the right moments throughout the day. Every day over 650M users worldwide are interacting with Appnext- powered app recommendations, tailored to their preferences, daily habits, and unique real-life context. Appnext’s premium monetization suite unites innovative ad- and action-based product families. Powered by Appnext Timeline, our patent-pending technology, the Appnext platform enables publishers to provide an unmatched discovery experience, driving users to their next action or relevant app, in accordance with their unique context, in both the mobile and physical worlds. Leading mobile and in-app advertising since 2012, Appnext has disrupted the mobile industry, allowing app marketers to seize unique contextual user moments to get their apps discovered, re-discovered and used.

ATLASense Biomed

ATLASense Biomed is an mhealth startup that develops an advanced clinical grade patient monitoring solution and offers both medical and non-medical applications. The solution is suitable for in-hospital and out-hospital use. The solution provides clinical decision support by detecting and reporting serious and potentially life-threatening events and conditions. The applications use sophisticated “expert system” software algorithms to analyze multiple physiological signals and vital signs simultaneously and in real-time.


enVerid provides revolutionary HVAC energy-saving technologies for buildings of all types. With our partners – leading service providers in the HVAC industry – we offer building owners and occupants a simple solution that can be added as a retrofit to existing HVAC systems or designed into new projects. EnVerid’s primary focus is the dual challenge of saving energy and improving indoor air quality in all types of buildings. Our rich patent portfolio has resulted in the only systems able to efficiently remove CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from circulating air in commercial and public buildings – lowering energy consumption and cutting electricity costs in existing and new HVAC systems. enVerid operates worldwide and has partnered with major companies in the HVAC industry and the green building arena. Our HVAC Load Reduction (HLR™) modules have been installed in multiple countries and have repeatedly resulted in energy consumption savings of more than 30%.


Owlytics was founded in 2015 by professionals working in the healthcare information technology sector. Its principals are dedicated to improving the lives of seniors worldwide. The company is making a difference in the ongoing transformation of healthcare through the use of data technology.







面向未来,华为将与众多伙伴开放合作,努力共建全联接世界。依托强大的研发和综合技术能力, 华为将充分利用云计算、SDN、大数据、物联网等技术,在企业市场打造一个开放、弹性、灵活、安全的平台,构筑合作多赢的新生态。华为企业业务以BDII(商业驱动的ICT基础设施)为行动纲领,携手客户和合作伙伴联合创新,助力政府及公共事业、金融、能源、交通、制造等各行业客户引领新ICT时代,完成以“敏捷和智能化”为核心的数字化升级。






南大通用数据技术股份有限公司(新三板:通用数据,证券代码:833056) 是国产数据库的领军企业。以“让中国用上世界级国产数据库”为使命,打造了GBase 8a/8t/8m/8s/8d/UP等多款国内领先、国际同步的自主可控数据库、大数据产品并在金融、电信、政务、国防、企事业等领域拥有上万家用户。南大通用公司成立于2004年5月,注册资金11825万元,现有员工总数约700人,其中研发团队规模达到400余人,由国家“千人计划”中唯一的数据库领域专家领军,骨干研发人员均具有10年以上数据管理和信息安全领域技术开发经验。2015年7月31日,南大通用成功登陆全国中小企业股份转让系统(新三板),成为国产数据库第一股。欲了解更多详情,请参阅GBASE官网




公司连续多年被授予“德勤中国高科技、高成长 50 强”、“中国最佳雇主企业”、“智慧城市信息化领军企业奖”、“中国软件企业综合竞争力30强”、“中国软件业务收入前百家企业”、“中国软件服务外包十大领军企业”等荣誉,并拥有中国信息系统集成及服务一级资质。








Siemens AG, founded in 1847, is a global technology powerhouse active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies, Siemens has leading positions in efficient power generation and power transmission solutions, infrastructure solutions, automation, drive and software solutions, as well as medical imaging equipment and laboratory diagnostics. For more than 140 years since its entering into China in 1872, Siemens has pioneered cooperation with the country with its solutions, technologies and products, and has been known in the country for its quality and reliability, technological excellence and innovation. In Fiscal Year 2016 (October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016), Siemens generated revenue of

Shenyang SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD.

Shenyang SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as SIASUN) is belonging to Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), is a high-tech listed enterprise which takes advanced intelligent equipments’manufacturing & robotic technologies’R&D as the core. SIASUN is the largest robotic base in China and has the most comprehensive products’lines in the world. With years of development, SIASUN established many robotic industrial parks in Shenyang, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, and several subsidiaries in Beijing and Hong Kong, etc., In Shanghai, SIASUN founded its international HQ.
Having a strong innovation team with 2000 talents, SIASUN is forming a complete industrial value chain consists of independent core technologies, core parts, leading products and industry solutions. Customers can realize completely digitized and intelligentize manufacturing process by applying SIASUN products and services.
Owing to its advanced technologies and unique comprehensive strength in hardware and software, thus SIASUN is leading the development of Chinese robot industry. At present, SIASUN market capitalization is placed the third in international robotic industry but growth rate is fastest in the world.


中国移动通信集团公司(简称“中国移动”)于2000年4月20日成立,注册资本3000亿元人民币,资产规模超过1.7万亿人民币,员工总数超过50万人,基站总数超过260万个,客户总数超过8.3亿户,是全球网络规模、客户规模最大、市值排名领先的电信运营企业。2016年,中国移动位居美国《财富》杂志“世界500强”排名第45位,并连续9年入选道·琼斯可持续发展指数,“BrandZ 100全球最强势品牌榜”第15位 ,连续12年在国资委的考核中获A级。
中国移动全资拥有中国移动(香港)集团有限公司,由其控股的中国移动有限公司(简称“上市公司”)在国内31个省(自治区、直辖市)和香港特别行政区设立全资子公司,并在香港和纽约上市主要经营移动语音数据、宽带、IP电话和多媒体业务,并具有计算机互联网单位经营权和国际出入口经营权。近年来,中国移动积极把握“互联网+”带来的良好机遇,深入推进战略转型,加快推进创业布局、创新发展 、不断扩大4G领先优势,保持了较好的发展态势,未来将成成为数字化创新的全球领先运营商。

China Telecom Corporation Limited Tianjin Branch

中国电信积极推进企业转型升级(转型3.0),着重推进网络智能化、业务生态化、运营智慧化, 引领数字生态, 做领先的综合智能信息服务运营商, 筑力网络强国,服务社会民生。



Beijing Tellhow Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tellhow, a professional smart city solution provider, has branches in over 25 provinces and cities around the country. With more than a decade of technical experience, Tellhow has achieved numerous remarkable results in the designing, funding, constructing and operating of smart cities. Tellhow is honored to be recognized as Beijing’s International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, a postdoctoral research station, and an avant-garde patent-piloting company. Using our very own big data operation platform and applying our research results to real-world scenarios, Tellhow formed the '1+2+N' core solution system. The 1 represents our utilization of an IoT data platform, the 2 represents Tellhow’s two key big data techniques (intelligent big data analysis, and heterogeneous modelling technology), and the N represents the versatility of our big data solution in real-world scenarios. With the said system, Tellhow has implemented many demonstration projects around the country, including a new-type smart city in Xiangtan, an energy and environment monitoring center in Xinyu, and an industrial energy-saving monitoring platform in Shijiazhuang, etc., all of which meet and exceed the requirements of the new-type smart city development policies and energy saving policies.